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Why SB 160 Must Pass -- To Restore Some Sanity to HB 87

SB 160 fixes the problems caused by HB 87

Section 1 makes the reporting requirements easier and more efficient for public employers.

Section 2 makes compliance by businesses subject to HB 87’s E-Verify requirements easier and more efficient

Section 3 makes compliance reporting under HB 87’s license renewal requirements easier and more efficient

Section 4 allows for electronic maintenance of the records required under HB 87, thus ease the burden on public employers

Section 5 properly updates the definition of Public Benefits under state law to make it date specific.

Section 6 wisely exempts all lawful presence verification requirements from any contract with a public entity with a worth under $10,000.

Section 7 aids the Secretary of State and other public entities by exempting from in-person, original document verification for licenses and public benefits after the initial demonstration of such documents. 

Section 8 makes reporting requirements easier and more efficient for public employers

Section 9 allows for copies of secure and verifiable documents

Section 10 provides a necessary and entirely appropriate and reasonable compliance scheme for public entities to follow to report on and implement the strictures of HB 87, without enduring additional harm or injury to officials or the entities themselves.

Simply Put, HB 160 MUST be passed, as is, without amendment, to solve the problems caused to Georgia public employers by HB 87. 

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