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What You Need to Know About the USCIS Fee Increase!

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) decided that they’re not charging enough for application filing fees, so they recently published a notice proposing a fee increase.I say “proposed” because the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must first publish the proposal in the Federal Register and allow 60 days for the public to comment on the fee increase before it becomes a new rule.So, now is the time to review and comment on the publication by clicking on this link, you will notice, there are only 60 days in which to make your feelings known, so please comment now because it expires on July 5, 2016!The new rule will go into effect not less than 30 days after the comment period has ended.Your voice will make a difference with the proposed fee increases because the comments help to formulate the final rule, so please make sure and visit the link!

Once you re…

Georgia Driver's License Rules Have Changed! - Adjustment of Status and Cancellation of Removal Applicants

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has changed its position on driver's licenses for certain immigrants and is now giving driver's licenses to immigrants who are applying for adjustment of status (a green card) or who have a cancellation of removal case pending with the immigration court. In September of 2015 DDS began denying licenses to immigrants in these categories but has changed its rule.
How Do I know if I Can Get a License?
If you don’t know what type of case you have pending with immigration, just look at the “category” on your work permit. If your category is (a)(12), (a)(14), (c)(8), (c)(9), (c)(10), (c)(33), you can get a license.

What Documents Do I Need to Bring to DDS to Get a License?
1) A valid, unexpired passport 2) A valid, unexpired work permit showing category (a)(12), (a)(14), (c)(8), (c)(9), (c)(10), (c)(33) 2) Your I-797C notice that states one of the following:
      a) Pending adjustment of status application (I-485) 
      b) Pending Canc…

One Reason Why A Trump Presidency Would Destroy Immigration To America

A lot has been said about Candidate Trump's statements regarding immigrants,"Mexicans," and "the wall."  Many people, especially recent immigrants and those that know them, have had a visceral reaction to these statements and consider Trump "anti-immigrant" and unfit to lead an immigrant nation.  But I have to tell you, these nativist statements are not the reason why a Trump Presidency would destroy immigration to America.  There is another reason; the overarching cause of Trump's march toward a walled America, isolated from the rest of the work, self focused, and limiting in integration and growth--Senator Jeff Sessions.
That's right.  Senator Jeff Sessions, the first Senator to hop on board the Trump express. You have to ask yourself, why would a sitting U.S. Senator, with a lot to lose, get so cozy, so early with a candidate in the primaries.  The answer is simple. Trump talked the talk that Senator Sessions understands. The dog whistle pol…

La Orden de la Corte Suprema por otorgar las licencias de Manejar, NO esta vigente todavia en Georgia!

Muchos saben que la corte en Georgia ordeno la produccion de licencias para las personas que le han sido negadas  porque sus permisos de trabajo tienen estas categorias (c)(9), (c)(10), o (c)(18).  Todavia esa orden no sirve porque no es una orden final, aqui el estado de Georgia tiene 30 dias para apelar. Si apelan esa orden no entrara en efecto. Ademas, esta orden solo afecta a las personas que fueron parte de la demanda original, NO PARA TODOS!. No hay una orden restrictiva.
Ademas, nuestro bufete de abogados ha inicado una nueva demanda con nuestros clientes, por gratis, pidiendo un orden restriictive general aplicables a todos, que quiere decir esto, i si la corte falla a nuestro favor todas las personas que le han sido negados licencias de conducir en el estado de Georgia bajo estos parametros van a ser beneficiados por la orden, no solo las personas que tomaron parte en la demanda orginal. 

La palabra final es esto: Ten pacienica con el proceso, y eventualmente yo creo que gana…