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What HB 87 Means for You, Your Business and for Georgia (and it's not good)

The dust has settled and it appears clear that Governor Deal will sign HB 87. We are now left with the detritus of Rep. Matt Ramsey's "work" on the most anti-immigration bill passed by a state legislature in modern times. The question everyone is asking is "what does this mean for me?"Let's take a look at what the individual sections mean for the people, businesses and the economy of Georgia.As we prepare to bring litigation in Federal Court, the starting point for that litigation and the starting point for anyone who looks at this bill must be the title of the bill. It is called the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011." HB 87 then says that this bill contains the following actions:
Provides penalties for the failure of a public employer to utilize E-Verify;Requires certain private employers to utilize E-Verify;Provides for the offense of aggravated identity fraud;Provides for the investigation of "illegal alien" statu…