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¿Por qué las viles e ilógicas demandas de inmigración de Trump nunca serán una ley?
La Administración de Trump a principios de este mes lanzó el peor conjunto de propuestas de inmigración que destruyen la economía y la sociedad que hemos visto desde que cerramos la inmigración a Estados Unidos en 1922. Si se promulgaran, estas propuestas obstaculizarían el crecimiento económico de nuestro país para la próxima generación y conducirían a violaciones desenfrenadas de los derechos humanos.

Afortunadamente, estas demandas son tan ridículas, radicales, racistas y antiamericanas que nunca se convertirán en ley.
El mes pasado, los líderes demócratas Nancy Pelosi y Chuck Schumer estaban convencidos de que Trump estaba 100% a bordo con la Ley DREAM. Pero el cerebro anti inmigración de Trump ha logrado deshacer ese acuerdo básicamente rescatando la continuación de la Ley DREAM a cambio de las políticas de inmigración más atroces e ilógicas del siglo pasado.
Las propuestas fueron anunciadas a pri…

Why Trump’s Vile & Illogical Immigration Demands Will Never Become Law

The Trump Administration earlier this month released the worst set of economy- and society-destroying immigration proposals we have seen since we closed immigration to America in 1922. If enacted, these proposals would hamper the economic growth of our country for the next generation and lead to rampant human rights violations.

Fortunately, these demands are so ridiculous, radical, racist, and anti-American that they’ll never become law.
Just last month, Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were convinced that Trump was 100% onboard with the DREAM Act. But Trump’s anti-immigration brain has managed to undo that deal by essentially ransoming the continuance of the DREAM Act in exchange for the most heinous and illogical immigration policies of the past century.
The proposals were announced earlier this month by White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller in an “urgent” press conference. Miller is a conservative white nationalist with a history of discrimination agai…

Trump Issues New Travel Ban, Places Restrictions on 3 More Countries

President Trump last Sunday issued a proclamation limiting or barring immigration from eight countries. Five of the six countries affected by the previous travel ban will still be affected by the new proclamation (restrictions on Sudan were lifted), and new restrictions have been placed on travel from Chad, Venezuela, and North Korea.

Unlike the 90-day travel ban that went into effect in June, the new limitations and restrictions will remain in force permanently or until conditions in the affected countries are determined to have changed to the extent that the restrictions are no longer necessary.
If you are a national of Chad, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, or Yemen and you wish to travel or immigrate to the United States, contact Kuck Immigration Partners for assistance. An immigration lawyer from our firm will help you understand how the revised travel ban affects your situation. Call 404-816-8611 to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney in Atl…

DHS to Track Immigrants’ Social Media Activity (Even for Naturalized Citizens)—Atlanta Immigration Attorney Insights

The Department of Homeland Security on Oct. 18 will begin collecting social media information from all immigrants in the United States. This data will include user names, search results, aliases, and associated identifiable information.

Although the Obama Administration introduced pilot projects that collected social media data on some immigrants and refugees, under the Trump Administration, the DHS not only will track social media information from all new immigrants but will also monitor data on green card holders and naturalized citizens who are already in the country.
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DHS Was Unclear on How Social Media Data Will Be Used
A report from the New York Times points out …