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Senate Immigration Reform Bill--What YOU Can Do THIS Week.

Tomorrow is the second day of the Senate Judiciary Committee mark-up of S. 744, the immigration reform bill.  Next up on the agenda is Title IV, nonimmigrant visas, including H and L visas, and the guest worker program (W visas).  Please take 5 minutes in the next day to call  your Senators.

Here is a sample script to use when you call:
PHONE NUMBER: 202-224-3121
SCRIPT: My name is [YOUR NAME] and I live in [CITY, STATE] and I’m calling in regards to the mark-up of S. 744.  I am calling to ask Senator [SENATOR’S NAME] to support Hatch amendments 11 through 17 and to oppose Grassley amendments 54 through 77 in the Title IV mark-up on Tuesday.  I also urge the Senator to support Blumenthal 14, Coons 9 and Hirono 6 in Titles II and III of the bill.
Many elements of this bill reflect an understanding that foreign nationals can and do contribute to America’s economic growth.  All of the bill should fully embrace this concept.  For example, the increase in the H-1B cap to 110,000 is a step i…