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Obama--Still The Deportation President

Much has been written in the last two days about the Obama Administration's release of its FY 2013 official "removal statistics."  Some have noted that the number of removals (this means displacement of people to foreign countries that they may have had no contact with for decades) went down by 10% from FY2012's record level. Yet, Obama's ICE still deported 369,000 men, women and children (yes children) in the 12 months of 2013. That is 30,750 people a month, 1,111 people a day, 42 people every hour, or almost one person, every 90 seconds, of every day, all year long.  This "lower" number of deportations is a higher number of people deported in one year than President Bush ever deported in one year in his entire presidency.  Let's not kid ourselves. Obama's ICE is a people deportation machine. Every part of that machine is well-oiled to either convince people to accept deportation by deceptive means (e.g. you have no relief), force them to accep…