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Why Trump’s Vile & Illogical Immigration Demands Will Never Become Law

The Trump Administration earlier this month released the worst set of economy- and society-destroying immigration proposals we have seen since we closed immigration to America in 1922. If enacted, these proposals would hamper the economic growth of our country for the next generation and lead to rampant human rights violations.

Fortunately, these demands are so ridiculous, radical, racist, and anti-American that they’ll never become law.

Just last month, Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were convinced that Trump was 100% onboard with the DREAM Act. But Trump’s anti-immigration brain has managed to undo that deal by essentially ransoming the continuance of the DREAM Act in exchange for the most heinous and illogical immigration policies of the past century.

The proposals were announced earlier this month by White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller in an “urgent” press conference. Miller is a conservative white nationalist with a history of discrimination against Latinos dating back to his high school years.

Before we dig too deep into the human rights violations that would inevitably result from Trump’s proposals, let’s take a look at the numbers and why the president’s anti-immigration wish list makes absolutely no sense.

Let’s start with the border wall—you know, that multi-billion dollar project that Trump said Mexico was going to pay for? Turns out it’s American taxpayers who would have to foot the bill.

Trump says we have a “porous southern border (that) presents a clear threat to our national security and public safety.” He seems to overlook the fact that there are already 17,000 active border patrol members, and 2016 saw the lowest number of people detained at the border (and thus coming across the border) since Richard Nixon was president.

He goes on to say that our leaky border “is exploited by drug traffickers and criminal cartels.” But isn’t that more of a drug problem than an immigration problem? And does Trump really think a wall would stop drug traffickers? Has he never heard of ladders, tunnels, catapults, launchers, or drones?

Apparently not.

Now let’s move on to one of the more inhumane ideas proposed by the Trump Administration: deporting unaccompanied children who arrive at our border “illegally” seeking asylum from their dangerous home countries. First of all, these children don’t arrive illegally; they come to our border and seek asylum. There’s nothing illegal about that.

Trump goes on to say that rather than being deported, these children are being sheltered at taxpayers’ expense. But that’s not really true since they’re actually placed with family that will care for them.

It’s amazing that Miller was able to demonize kids who are seeking a safe haven for their lives.

Fortunately, the chance of any of these provisions being put into law is zero.

If you’d like to hear my breakdown of Trump’s other ridiculous immigration demands, listen to my podcast. To discuss your immigration goals, contact my office to speak with an immigration attorney from Kuck Immigration Partners.

Our attorneys have successfully handled tens of thousands of immigration matters over the past 27 years. Call 404-816-8611 to schedule a consultation with a green card lawyer in Atlanta.


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